Land Owner Camp Preparation and Provisioning

When it comes to visiting your private camp far too many precious hours of relaxation and enjoyment are often stolen from you as a result of provisioning, packing, unpacking, sorting, fixing and fretting.

  • You need to buy and pack all the groceries and drinks
  • Your safari vehicle’s battery is flat
  • Two tyres on your safari vehicle are flat
  • You only have one Jerry Can of fuel left (with the 8 empties neatly lined up in the garage!)
  • The gas is empty
  • The geysers weren’t switched on
  • The pool is green and has a dead snake at the bottom
  • Your fridge/freezer was not switched on in time for it to get operational BEFORE you arrive and fill it with groceries
  • All the ice trays are stacked neatly in the cupboard....
  • Your spotlight globe is blown (which you only discover when you plug it in at night)

Or you could arrive to:

  • A clean and well maintained Camp with motivated staff
  • Stocked fridges (the degree of service here may span from simply filling ice-trays to a full meal-planner shop done on your behalf, including any beverage requirements, and unpacked and refrigerated prior to your arrival)
  • Serviced and clean vehicles
  • An inventory of any damaged appliances/equipment BEFORE you arrive

An inventory of gas and fuel supplies BEFORE you arrive.

Scope of services

  • General maintenance of assets
  • Camp preparation