Land Owner Camp Staff Training

Camp attendants are generally called upon or expected to perform only the most basic of duties: Washing vehicles, sweeping and cleaning, making fires, and simple room servicing. You wish you had time to train them to the next level of service provision – not only for the benefit of your camp operation and its equipment, but also as a benefit to them, as a social responsibility (the monotony of such mundane exercises is not healthy for long-term job satisfaction or motivation) – but your precious time spent at the camp usually does not allow for any kind of significant emphasis on such training or follow-through.

There would be any number of specifics at a particular camp, and these could be handled individually in the form of listed requirements. Some of the more useful areas to be trained may be:

  • Pre-visit checklists (fuel, gas, geysers, fridges and ice, linen, etc)
  • Housekeeping and Basic cooking skills – Trustworthy use of your equipment, etc
  • Vehicle preparation and basic checks for preventative maintenance
  • Basic driving and off-road driving skills – If you wish to rely upon your camp assistant to drive your vehicles, whether it be for your own game-drives (as your “guide”) or simply for basic maintenance and logistical requirements, there are certain driving skills and techniques that need to be taught in order that the vehicles perform suitably and suffer the least in terms of driver-error. (Note that camp staff taking up this option must already be in possession of a valid drivers’ license.)
  • Tracking skills – I am able to harness and up-skill the innate tracking ability of your camp attendants to allow for more effective field assistance should you require the services of a “tracker” to increase the potential of your property from a game-viewing perspective.
  • Vehicle recovery – this has the potential of causing enormous harm to both the persons attempting it as well as the vehicles involved. I will teach critical skills in the use of Hi-lift Jacks and recovery strap/winch usage that will not only allow you to reduce precious/stressful time immobilized, but to accomplish this with the least possible chance of injury to involved personnel.
  • Basic land-management and road maintenance training

Scope of services

  • General maintenance of assets
  • Camp preparation
  • Driver training and vehicle recovery
  • House-keeping (suite preparation)
  • Field Guide Skills Development and Assessments
  • Tracker Training and Assessments
    • - Trailing and Track & Sign
      - Field skills
      - Development of tracker participation as part of the guest experience

    Your staff will be provided with a follow-up package allowing for revision of skills and services learnt – these may be in a format that allows for compromised literacy if necessary. Land-owners will also be provided with a post-training report and check-list for monitoring the implementation and maintenance of the skills trained.